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Registration process

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To start using the benefits of integrating Orbitvu solutions with Creative Force, register the Orbitvu Station application on your Creative Force account. To do that follow the next steps.

1. Open Orbitvu Station.

2. Go to the Preferences tab.

3. Go to the Integrations tab.

4. Switch on the integration.

5. Go to your Creative Force account.

6. Unfold the menu in the upper right corner.


8. Go to the DEVELOPER tab, choose REGISTER APP option.

9. Choose the Authorization Code as an ALLOWED GRANT TYPE.

10. Type Orbitvu Station as an APPLICATION NAME and Photo automation software as a DESCRIPTION.

11. Type http://www.orbitvu.com as a REDIRECT URL and save.

12. APPLICATION ID and SECRET KEY were generated.

13. Orbitvu Station is now registered.

14. Copy generated APPLICATION ID, SECRET KEY and REDIRECT URL back to Orbitvu Station. To finish the verification process click the Verify button.

15. When the Creative Force log in window will appear type your log in data.

16. Allow access to Orbitvu Station.

17. Registration process is finished.

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