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How does it work?

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Define the Shooting type

1. Go to the Preferences tab.

2. Go to the Integrations tab and set the Shooting type that you want to work with.

3. If you are interested in shooting types other than default, pick Custom option from the list.

4. Go again to the STUDIO SETTINGS on your Creative Force account.

5. Find the added production type and check the ID next to it. For example in case of created type "ALPHASHOT XL", the ID is 1002 in this case.

5. Type the ID and press the OK button.

Start Working with your products

1. Create a new session in Orbitvu Station.

2. Scan the product that you want to work with. Orbitvu Station will automatically verify if there is a photography task for this product on your Creative Force account.

a) If the task won't be found the Create button will stay inactive (1).

You can continue your work locally by switching off the integration mode (2).

b) If the task will be confirmed the Create button will change to active automatically.

3. After the capture process is finished to continue the work you will need to create a Creative Force publish profile.

The Creative Force publish profile allows only to publish still images.

4. When the publish profile is ready you can publish your images directly to your Creative Force account. 

After successful publish process the images will be uploaded and the photography task will change the status to Done

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