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ORBITVU VIEWER is an interactive player for Orbitvu presentations (360°/3D) created with ALPHASHOT EDITOR, ORBITVU STATION, ORBITVU STATION or ORBITVU SUN.

Technically ORBITVU VIEWER is Javascript application distributed as an orbitvu12/ folder. 

Below you can see ORBITVU VIEWER playing 360° Orbitvu presentation of Canon camera:

ORBITVU VIEWER is included for free with presentations hosted at ORBITVU SUN. Orbitvu presentations that are hosted on other servers need their own copy of ORBITVU VIEWER (separate license).

ORBITVU VIEWER is an integral part of ORBITTOUR that enhances 360°/3D Orbitvu presentations with interactive views, hotspots, images, videos, and descriptions. ORBITTOUR can be only created with ORBITVU SUN

ORBITVU VIEWER works in Flash mode or in HTML5 mode. The default mode is HTML5 mode (starting from version 3.5.0). 

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