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New licensing model

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Starting january 2018, new VIEWER licensing model has been introduced. Old licenses have been replaced with the new ones that are less restrictive and simpler to understand.

Detailed description of changes:

  • DEMO -> Free360
    Superseded by less restrictive Free360 licence:
    • can be used for both production and non production use,
    • can be redistributed with presentations
    Discontinued. This kind of the license is not available anymore within new licensing model.

  • STANDARD: renewed as My360
    STANDARD license is superseded by My360 license. It is the same as STANDARD but without domain locking. It can't be redistributed with presentations though.
    All clients with the Support plan for any Orbitvu device (eg. ALPHASHOT 360) have access to My360 license without any additional charges.
    STANDARD licenses are still valid but it is not possible to renew these.

  • ROYALTY FREE -> Infinity360
    ROYALTY FREE license is replaced by Infinity360 license. All the features of the ROYALTY FREE license remain the same with the Infinity360 (only the license name is new).

  • CORPORATE: renewed as Infinity360
    CORPORATE licenses are still valid but it is only possible to renew CORPORATE license as Infinity360 license.

Full details about each license can be found in licence file that can be found in the VIEWER package (orbitvu 12)

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