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Embedding with ORBITVU SUN embed codes

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ORBITVU SUN is a platform that lets you manage, reuse and redistribute your ORBITVU Presentations effortlessly. You can set necessary parameters from its interface and just copy & paste desired embed code into your site.

If you need further adjusting it is also possible by tweaking parameter values. Below you’ll find some typical embed codes generated for you by ORBITVU SUN

Standard embed code

QR Code

Image (rotated)

Max scale

Here we add max_scale to limit maximum possible zoom and viewer_uid to make it possible to use the same presentation multiple times on one page. Compare how much you can zoom here with the first example at this page.

HTML5 initial info

Using html5_initial_info to show info window.

HTML5 hint

Using html5_hint to show infographic.

Delayed execution

You can defer injection of the presentation into the page using viewer_delayed parameter. For example, you might want to show presentation on button click (note that this requires some programming knowledge).

Responsive VIEWER within hidden tab

Sometimes you might want to place ORBITVU VIEWER into the separate tab that is initially hidden and you still want ORBITVU VIEWER to scale responsively. Starting from version 3.0.32 of ORBITVU VIEWER such situation will be handled automatically and VIEWER will delay it's initialization until it is shown.

Switch to second tab to see 360° view

ORBITTOUR in a hidden container

If you need to initialize ORBITTOUR in a hidden container that will be shown dynamically later (e.g. on button click), then you do it as usual. ORBITTOUR will detect dynamically when it is shown and will adjust its size properly. Another option is to use orbittour_width and orbittour_height parameters that will force ORBITTOUR dimensions.

Responsive layout

It is possible to use ORBITVU VIEWER in responsive layouts using width and height set to auto. ORBITVU VIEWER will fit itself into container element.

Container with height of 0px. ORBITVU VIEWER will be shown using 16:9 proportion:

Container element with height set using media queries.

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