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Offline use with Android device

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To host presentations directly from your Android device (offline) you need:

  • HTTP server running on your device
  • your own ORBITVU VIEWER (you have to buy the license or use a free version)
  • Orbitvu presentation

Due to the browsers restrictions (Same origin policy in particular), Android browsers do not work properly with Orbitvu presentations that are opened directly from the filesystem. To overcome this limitation it is required to start HTTP server on your device.


  • prepare your Orbitvu presentation and ORBITVU VIEWER files (usually, you’ll want to use files generated by ORBITVU EDITOR software). You need:
    • orbitvu12/ - directory containing ORBITVU VIEWER
    • presentation_name/ - directory containing Orbitvu presentation files
    • presentation_name.html - HTML file that embeds presentation
  • Install HTTP server software on your Android device. We’ve confirmed that KSWEB works properly but you can use HTTP server of your choice (following steps assume you’re using KSWEB).
  • Copy Orbitvu presentation files (specified above) to your Android device

You can use FTP server built in into KSWEB. To do it:

  • start KSWEB on your device
  • navigate to FTP tab
  • click Add user
  • enter a username, password and the following path: /mnt/sdcard/htdocs (this is the default path used by KSWEB)
  • write down IP address and port shown by KSWEB
  • upload presentation files from your computer to Android device using FTP client like Filezilla (use credentials you’ve specified while adding FTP user)
    You can also use Airdroid to copy files to /mnt/sdcard/htdocs
  • Assuming you’ve copied presentation files directly to /mnt/sdcard/htdocs you can now visit:
    http://localhost:8080/presentation_name.html in your Android browser.

You should secure your installation of KSWEB. Read more at KSWEB website.

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