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Offline use with iPad device

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In order to have Orbitvu presentation (360°/3D) installed on iPad to be used offline, we will use Goodreader application, which can be downloaded directly from App Store.

  • Locate Orbitvu presentations on your computer

    ORBITVU EDITOR creates all Orbitvu presentations inside a folder defined in Preferences. Usually, it is: My Documents/orbitvu/presentations.

Creating a new project with name e.g. ananas will add a new subfolder in the projects/ directory. 

Generating Presentation will create a folder with the same name in presentations/ subfolder. In addition, you will also see ananas.html file, which is a sample file used to preview 360° Orbitvu presentation inside a web browser.

Inside presentations/ folder, you will also find orbitvu12/ folder, which includes DEMO version of ORBITVU VIEWER – a Flash/HTML5 player which basically displays 360° view on a website.

After creating the ananas project and creating the presentation, you should have following file structure:

  • Create zip file with presentation and the viewer

To view 360° Orbitvu presentations on iPad you need to upload the ORBITVU VIEWER, too. Select:

  • presentation folder (ananas/), 
  • sample HTML file (ananas.html) ,
  • ORBITVU VIEWER folder (orbitvu12/)

and compress these into a single zip file.

You can, of course, add more presentations to zip file at once.

  • Upload the zip file into iPad with Goodreader

Goodreader offers several ways to upload files. One of the most convenient is to use a WiFi connection. Open Goodreader on iPad and tap on WiFi icon on the bottom bar.

In the popup window, you can see IP-address – here Go to Mac Finder -> Go -> Connect to server... In the popup window enter the above address.

A new Finder window will pop-up. You can now drag Archive.zip file into the new window. It will copy your zip file into Goodreader.

Copying window should pop-up.

As soon as copying is done go back to iPad and close wifi connection (STOP button in upper right corner). You should see the Archive.zip file in Goodreader now.

Tap on the file to unzip it.

You should see new Archive folder inside Goodreader. Tap the folder name and you should see your ananas presentation.

Tap on ananas.html file. It should open the presentation in the new preview window!

You can use other ways to transfer the zip file to iPad. One of the most convenient ways is to use SUN server and download as HTML action. Just log in to SUN server, click on the link and download it directly into Goodreader.

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