Embed 360° Presentation using ORBITVU SUN embed codes

The most effective and straightforward way to have presentations at your website is to use ORBITVU SUN hosting platform. This way you don’t need technical knowledge and don't have to deal with technical issues like how to make presentations work with Facebook or Twitter. Only a few simple steps are necessary for this:

  • Log in to ORBITVU SUN
  • Upload 360° presentations
    You can upload presentations directly from ORBITVU EDITOR or from ORBITVU SUN management panel
  • Configure presentation
    Adjust parameters using ORBITVU SUN’s presentation editor
  • Get embed codes
    Copy Embed codes from presentation’s Embed tab:
  • Paste the code into your page
<script type="text/javascript" src="//orbitvu.co/001/pcFGPQAZSh3mJWrPGezuBP/ov3601/3/script?width=auto&content2=yes&height=auto"></script>
<div class="orbitvu-viewer" style="background: url(//static.orbitvu.co/001/pcFGPQAZSh3mJWrPGezuBP/iproc/600/600/img01.png) no-repeat center center #ffffffff;width: 600px; height: 600px">
    <div id="ovContent-pcFGPQAZSh3mJWrPGezuBP" class="orbitvu-container"></div>

Additionally, you can fine-tune embedded presentation by using extra parameters. For example to force VIEWER teaser to be autorotate one can use teaser=autorotate parameter:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//orbitvu.co/001/pcFGPQAZSh3mJWrPGezuBP/ov3601/3/script? width=auto&content2=yes&height=auto&teaser=autorotate"></script>

It is possible to change some details of generated embed codes, e.g. id of the presentation container element. Check embed codes reference for details.