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Subscription Plans let you use Orbitvu SUN Cloud to host, manage and publish 2D images and 360° presentations in an easy and effective way. We have built Orbitvu SUN Cloud with non-technical users in mind so most of the boring or difficult stuff is already done for you! Read on for some benefits of using Orbitvu SUN Cloud: 

  • It is easy - no need to go into technical details of HTML or JavaScript. Just copy and paste the embed codes or use provided Publish buttons
  • It is fast - Orbitvu SUN Cloud uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your images and presentations in the most efficient way, using the servers that are geographically close to your users.
  • It is safe - no need to worry about your data - it is backed up and stored on multiple servers.
  • It is designed to serve your images and 360° presentations without interruptions. Even if something breaks down we have another instance ready to handle the traffic.
  • It adds extra features - with Orbitvu SUN Cloud you can create Orbittours that let you add hotspots and labels to your 360° presentations
  • It provides you with an easy way to share your content to social platforms, by e-mail or with your eCommerce.
  • No need for the extra licenses for Orbitvu VIEWER - your 360° presentations are always using the latest available version that is updated automatically - no need to check for updates and upgrade your servers
  • eCommerce plugins are included for free in some Support Plans
  • Statistics - see which 360° presentations are viewed most or which generate the highest traffic.
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