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Every Subscription Plan is described by a set of parameters. Below you can find detailed description of each parameter / feature.


Maximum available amount of data that can be stored on your Orbitvu SUN Cloud account. Storage is consumed by the 360° presentations and 2D images. Different Subscription Plans have different available storage sizes.

It is possible to purchase Extra Storage for the Subscription Plans but overall storage size has to be lower than the storage available in the higher Subscription Plan.

When you reach the limit you'll not be able to upload new presentations to your account. Consider purchasing additional storage or switching to higher Subscription Plan.

Do not use PNG format for 360° presentations unless you really need transparency. PNG files consume much more space than JPG ones.


Maximum available monthly data transfer for the Orbitvu SUN Cloud account. Every Subscripion Plan has different transfer limit.

Data transfer is the amount of data transferred from the Orbitvu SUN Cloud server to the clients (users viewing a website where images or presentations from the Orbitvu SUN Cloud server are embedded). 

Example 1 - viewing a 2D image hosted on Orbitvu SUN

2D image has to be transferred (loaded) from the Orbitvu SUN Cloud server to the web browser of the viewing person. Transfer size will be equal to the size of transferred image (to simplyfy things we do not take into account extra compression that might be applied).

Example 2- viewing a 360° presentation

Images that 360° presentation consists of will be transferred to the client's web browser. Transfer size will usually be much smaller than the total size of the 360° presentation. This is because not all presentation images will be used when someone is viewing the presentation (due to requested resolution, viewed angle etc).

When the monthly transer limit is reached for the account, presentations are still displayedwithout any interruptions

Orbitvu SUN Cloud will store the information about the exceeded transfer and if it is continuously exceeded in the next months, or if the amount of transfer exceeded is really huge, Orbitvu can contact the owner of such account in order to resolve the issue, eg. switch to the higher Subscription Plan. 

E-commerce integrations

Some Subscription Plans have free access to Ecommerce integrations created by Orbitvu. Free access means that it is possible to download our Orbitvu SUN Cloud based plugins (eg. Magento or Presta Shop plugin), install these and use with presentations hosted on Orbitvu SUN Cloud without any extra charge (if not stated otherwise).

Using free Orbitvu SUN Cloud based plugins gives the client constant free access to the most recent releases of the plugins.


Access to views and transfer statistics is included in all Subscription Plans. Detailed information about a number of displays (views) and data transfer size of particular presentations is provided.


Every Subscription Plan has access to Orbittour - that extends 360° presentations with additional features like hotspots, views or tooltips.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content Delivery Network is a system that delivers images (and other web content) to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user in order to achieve low latency, fast data transfers. 

In terms of Orbitvu SUN Cloud server we can say that thanks to the CDN it doesn't matter where people viewing an image or 360 degree presentation are located (Europe, Asia, North America, etc.). Images will be served to them from the server that is located close to them.

Custom domain

Starting from E-COMMERCE 6G plan it is possible to purchase special option that enables client to attach his own domain to Orbitvu SUN Cloud.

When a custom domain is bound to Orbitvu SUN Cloud the embed links generated by the Orbitvu SUN Cloud server will use this domain. It is also possible to change the Orbitvu SUN Cloud server branding for the 360° presentation view so that instead of Orbitvu SUN Cloud it will use a custom name. 

The sample implementation of the custom domain for imatik.com domain (using 360.imatik.com and cdn.360.imatik.com domains): https://360.imatik.com/share/dyk67ffdUZakC3mR3vTAoA/2754959/360/view

Custom domain feature is paid extra and its price includes one-time setup cost and annual cost.

In order to have a custom domain implemented the client has to provide Orbitvu with the following information:

  • name of the domain to be used for embed codes (eg. 360.yourdomain.com)
  • name of the domain to be used for CDN (eg. cdn.360.yourdomain.com)

As soon as the initial configuration for the given domains is done by Orbitvu, the client will have to (details will be provided during the setup process):

  • configure CNAME records of the custom domains (DNS)
  • configure TXT records for the custom domains (DNS) (in order to generate SSL certificates)

Note that the Custom domain(s) name cannot be a top-level domain - as the CNAME record has to be set for these.

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