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Company account preferences (custom attributes, e-mail notifications)

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Company account preferences window is available at the top right menu under Company settings option.

E-mail notifications

Orbitvu SUN sometimes sends e-mail notifications regarding account, eg. if Subscription plan is going to expire. It is possible to change default e-mail address (e-mail of the first user added to the Company account) used for notifications or even add multiple addresses where notifications will be send.

Custom attributes

Custom attributes have replaced previously used fields Category 1 and Category 2. They provide more flexibility and options as it is possible to rename, add and remove these.

Custom attributes defined for the Company can be used by all Users with their presentations. As soon as attributes are defined for the company, it is possible to use these on Presentation edit form:

Every user is also able to select custom attributes he wants to have shown on the presentations list.

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