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In the reports module you can check and analyze the collected statistical data of the use of your Orbitvu devices.

Remember that access to your company data has been granted only to your coworkers with Admin or Manager right. We do not share your statistical data with other entities.

Users must be logged in when taking photos in Orbitvu Station for statistical data collection. 


1. Products today - this is the sum of all products that were photographed today - counted from midnight.

2. Assets today - assets is an image, 360o image or a video. Here we also present data from today.

3.  360o image - it is the number of 360o photos taken today.

4.  Still image - is a single product photo, we show the sum of photos taken today.

5. Video - it is the number of videos recorded today.

How do pie charts work?

The diagram shows the average for the last 30 days and whether more or less product were photographed today than usual. We do not count the days with a period of inactivity in the average - that is, when you do not use our devices at all, there days will not affect the average. In the pie chart, we show the data as a percentage. If, for example, there are more products photographed today than the daily average, the pie chart will be completely full. The same principle work for diagrams with other data. The data in the diagrams may also very depending on the permissions.

Remember: Access to the report module depends on the permission level. Users with higher privileges also have access to more detailed data. The editor can only check his own statistics and activity, Manager and Administrator can see the work of all users.  

Click on one of the resources to check the details. 

A diagram will be displayed where you will see data on user activity.

You can choose the way you want to sort the data - today, last week, year and even a selected period of time.

You can also choose which data should be displayed in the chart - 360o image, assets, products or still images.

To view a diagram for a specific user, select a person from the Users list or type in the searching field.

You can change the data display from a line to a bar chart.


The Studio tab contains information about detailed data from the reports. 


On the user tiles, each person is automatically assigned a color. Here is also shown the total assets that a specified person has made. The tiles in the User activity section show the sum of photos taken by a user, narrowed down to the last 7 days, after entering the user chart deeper, the sum of all photos taken by a user is presented.

The graphs show the average of the studio. More data is available when you hover the cursor over the line.

If you want to save the data on your computer, you can create a CSV file with all the details.

You can also export data with the option "Export session data to CSV", it'll include:

  • User,
  • Created date,
  • Session name,
  • Session time,
  • Capture time,
  • Edit time
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