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Orbitvu SUN platform allows you to adjust your profile settings according to your needs.

Your profile

In this tab you can edit some Profile settings:

  • set your name and surname
  • change e-mail address
  • set a different language of received e-mail notifications
  • edit your time zone
  • see the view of the role with which the right is assigned (only Admin can change user role)
  • change the password
  • delete your account
  • add a photo to your profile (the added photo can be deleted or replaced with another one)

It is also possible to change Company settings:

  • add/remove e-mail addresses of users 
  • change the language of the notifications
  • manage the attributes added to the presentation displayed in Orbitvu SUN Cloud


Users with Admin role have access to the list of the invoices.

In this tab you can check all invoices and download them if needed.

Billing address

The user with Admin role has access to the Billing address page, where he can save the billing address for the invoice.

In this menu you can also change the language(1) of the menu and logout(2).

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