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For API access you’ll need Token of type General that can be generated at Orbitvu SUN Cloud: My products -> API keys

Using token you can get access to the API passing Authorization HTTP header with the value of:

token <KOKEN>
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Authorization: token d0ba713e5e34b3d6b2f4a1002f123a3e58c4d7bc
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You should always use https to access API.

The value of Authorization header must contain word token followed by the token value. It will not work if word token is omitted.

Example using Python requests library:

>>>import requests
>>>r = requests.get('https://orbitvu.co/api/v1/.json', headers={'Authorization': 'token d0ba713e5e34b3d6b2f4a1002f123a3e58c4d7bc'})
{u'presentations': u'https://orbitvu.co/api/v1/presentations.json'}
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Token used in the example above is just for the documentation purposes and it will not allow access to any Orbitvu SUN account. Use your own token instead.

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