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What is Orbitvu device and Support Plan

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Orbitvu devices and their Support Plans can be found at Orbitvu SUN under My Products menu. These are only visible if your account has at least one Orbitvu device assigned to it.

Orbitvu device

Every physical device, eg. Alphashot Micro or Alphashot 360 that you own is registered on Orbitvu SUN Cloud and can be found as an Orbitvu device entry under My Products page.  

Orbitvu device is identified by its name and serial number.

Orbitvu device registration

In some cases, eg. if your device is an older one, information about its type and serial number might not be available at Orbitvu SUN Cloud. You'll then see information that your device is unknown and you'll be able to send a registration request to Orbitvu.

You'll have to fill in the registration form like the one below.

Device serial number is the number that you can find on the identification label at the back of the Orbitvu unit. It is not a serial number for the software or serial number of your computer.

Support Plan

Each Orbitvu device is assigned a Support Plan. Support Plan is:

  • Valid for one year (can be extended)
  • Includes Orbitvu Station/Editor* software updates
    You can download the latest available version of the Orbitvu Station / Editor* software.
  • Includes Orbitvu Viewer My360 updates
    You have access to the latest available version of the Viewer My360.
  • Includes technical support
  • Includes consultancy services
  • Applies to single device (each device has separate Support Plan)

* Alphashot Editor software is no longer supported. It has been superseded by the Orbitvu Station

If your Support Plan is expired you still have access to the software downloads, but the latest available version of the software is the one that was released before you Support Plan has expired.

If you have multiple Orbitvu devices, then the Orbitvu Viewer My360 license is assigned to the Support Plan that is valid for the longest time.

Extending Support Plan

You can extend Support Plan at any time.

Please log in to your SUN account, then go to My ProductsDevices & Support plans and click on a basket.

Extended warranty

You can purchase up to 2 years (in Japan 4 years) of the Extended warranty for your Orbitvu devices. You can only purchase Extended warranty if device warranty has not expired yet.

Maximum total warranty time is 3 years (In Japan 5 years) - usually it means 1 year of regular warranty and 2 years (In Japan 4 years) of Extended warranty.

Software download and registration

Each Orbitvu device is assigned software (Orbitvu Station) that can be used with this device. In order to use it you have to download the software and provide registration information like your company name, e-mail and license key. These data may be found on Orbitvu SUN Cloud. Click the download link, as in the example below.

Then you'll see download page containing release notes, download links, version history and registration information.

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