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What is an Orbitvu eCommerce plugin?

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An eCommerce plugin is a third party application which is installed in an eCommerce shop platform to extend its functionality.

Orbitvu eCommerce plugins allow to easily display Orbitvu Presentations  (360°/3D, Orbitvu 2D images, *Orbitvu Videos and *ORBITTOURS) in an eCommerce shop. HTML and coding knowledge is not required. They provide a lot of helpful features like:

  • integrated lightbox
  • zoom magnifier
  • mobile ready frontend gallery
  • automatic (one click) or manual linking Orbitvu Presentations with products
  • displaying both native images and Orbitvu Presentations
  • copying Orbitvu 2D images to native eCommerce shop platform images so they are visible by third party plugins

*Orbitvu Videos and ORBITTOURS are available only in SUN version of a plugin.

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