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Types of Orbitvu eCommerce plugins



Integrates Orbitvu Presentations hosted at ORBITVU SUN (https://orbitvu.co) with an eCommerce shop.

Orbitvu Presentations files are hosted at ORBITVU SUN.  They do not occupy server’s space where eCommerce shop is installed.

Detailed information:

  • Orbitvu Presentations (Orbitvu 2d images, Orbitvu videos, Orbitvu360°/3D presentations and ORBITTOURS) are hosted at ORBITVU SUN (do not occupy client’s server space, presentation backups are handled at ORBITVU SUN)
  • Requires valid ORBITVU SUN subscription plan
  • Always the newest version of ORBITVU VIEWER available for SUN hosted presentations
  • Plugins freely available to ORBITVU SUN subscription plans starting from 6G

Shopify plugin is paid separately.


Allows to send Orbitvu Presentations directly from ALPHASHOT EDITOR to the eCommerce shop or upload them via eCommerce shop’s back office.

Orbitvu Presentations files are hosted on the server where eCommerce shop is installed.

Detailed information:

  • Orbitvu Presentations (Orbitvu 2D images, Orbitvu 360°/3D presentations) are hosted at client’s server.
  • Does not require ORBITVU SUN account with bought subscription plan
  • Orbitvu Presentations can be sent directly from ALPHASHOT EDITOR to client’s server
  • Orbitvu Presentations can be directly uploaded as “.ovus” or ".zip" files from eCommerce shop’s back office
  • No support for ORBITTOUR and Orbitvu videos
  • Requires separate ORBITVU VIEWER license or freely available BASIC version of ORBITVU VIEWER
  • Might require a lot of space at client’s server to store Orbitvu Presentations
  • Backups of Orbitvu Presentation files are up to client
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