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Updating (plugin version >= 2.0.0)

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Official Magento 1.9.x (1.x.x) maintenance was ended on June 30, 2020 (more information), so we will not continue to develop the Magento 1.9 plugin for this platform. 

We recommend upgrades your shop platform to version 2.x.x of Magento.

Before updating make sure to create the backup of the "_orbitvu_presentations" folder. Note that all presentation files are stored inside this folder.

1. Download (buy) the .tgz file from your ORBITVU SUN account ("My products -> Integrations -> Self Hosted plugin").

2. Unpack the .tgz file


Note! You may need third party application (7-zip, WinRar) to unpack .tgz file.

Note! If you get the ".tar" file after first unpacking, please unpack the ".tar" file too.

3. Copy (overwrite) unpacked content into your Magento's root path

4. Login to your Magento's back office and go to the System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Orbitvu Self Hosted.  If this page gives 404 error, please logout and login again to your Magento's back office.

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