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Updating plugin

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Before updating make sure to create the backup of the old plugin folder. Note that all presentation files are stored inside this folder ("presta_path/modules/orbitvushn"). We recommend overriding old Plugin files with the new one. If you do it differently you need to copy presentation files from the old folder to the new one.

In order to update module to the newest version, please follow this steps:

1. Deactivate current version of a module.

2. Download the .zip file from your ORBITVU SUN account

3. Unpack the .zip file.

4. Copy unpacked content into Prestashop's modules folder: "presta_path/modules".

4. Login to your Prestashops's back office and go to the "Modules -> Installed modules".  Search for the "Orbitvu SELF HOSTED" plugin and activate it (all update tasks will be automatically performed in the background during activation).

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