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E-commerce plugins are tested and work correctly with  the basic configuration of Shopify store.. Due to possible modifications via external plugins, modules, applications and other modifications of a specific e-commerce site, where Orbitvu e-commerce plugin is installed, Orbitvu cannot guarantee  correct work of a plugin in every configuration. For that reason e-commerce plugins are supplied as is with a basic support which consists of bug reporting. Orbitvu will do its best to fix bugs, provided they can be replicated on Orbitvu test enviroment. Orbitvu provides extra paid support which includes adaptation of a plugin to your specific e-commerce site configuration. Contact [email protected] for more details regarding paid support.

Caution! Orbitvu SUN plugin for Shopify is connected to your E-Commerce plan. You need to keep the E-commerce plan valid for the Shopify integration to work properly.

In order to install ORBITVU SUN PRODUCT TELEPORTING plugin for your Shopify store please follow below steps.

1. Login to your ORBITVU SUN account (https://orbitvu.co) and go to the "My products -> Integrations".

2. Type your myshopify shop name (yourshopname.myshopify.com) and click install.

3. You will be prompted about the installation process. Click "Continue".

4. The Orbitvu plugin needs certain permissions to work correctly. Please accept the request and click "Install app".

5. After successful installation, you will be redirected to your shop's back office. At this point the plugin is installed in the demo mode in your store.  Read the guideline how to connect Orbitvu Shopify plugin with your Orbitvu SUN account.

In order to have fully working Orbitvu plugin in your Shopify store, you have to perform some additional actions:

1. Read the guideline how to prepare frontend product gallery for displaying Orbitvu items (Orbitvu 360°/3D spins, Orbitvu 2D images, Orbitvu videos and Orbittours).

2. Read the guideline how to connect Orbitvu Shopify plugin with your Orbitvu SUN account.

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