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Connecting plugin with SUN account


Caution! Orbitvu SUN plugin for Shopify is connected to your E-Commerce plan. You need to keep the E-commerce plan valid for the Shopify integration to work properly.

To use the plugin, you need ORBITVU SUN account and License Key but there is also Demo license available by default (with limited functionality).

If you want to see the presentations from your Orbitvu SUN account, you have to follow below steps:

1. Login to your ORBITVU SUN account and go to the "My products -> Integrations". Copy the license key.

2. Login to your Shopify's admin panel and go to the Orbitvu SUN plugin configuration page: "Apps -> ORBITVU SUN PRODUCT TELEPORTING -> Settings". Paste the license key and save the configuration.

At this point Orbitvu SUN plugin is connected with your Orbitvu SUN account and you are able to assign (link) the Orbitvu presentations to Shopify products.

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