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Orbitvu SELF HOSTED plugin for Shopware version >= 5.2 allows to easily display Orbitvu Presentations in your shop. Thanks to the plugin you can extend your frontend product gallery to:

  • Orbitvu 360°/3D presentations
  • Orbitvu 2d images

Orbitvu SELF HOSTED plugin displays both native Shopware images and Orbitvu presentations items (Orbitvu 360°/3D presentations, Orbitvu 2d images). It merges original images and Orbitvu items.

Orbitvu SUN plugin provides a lot of helpful frontend features like:

  • integrated lightbox with colorized background
  • zoom magnifier
  • showing/hiding and reordering Orbitvu Presentation's items in the product gallery
  • fully responsive (mobile ready) product gallery

It helps also in backend tasks thanks to:

  • automatic (one click) linking/assigning Orbitvu Presentations with/to Prestashop products by comparing presentation's SKU with product's reference code (the manual linking option also available).
  • copying Orbitvu 2D images to the native Prestashop images so they are visible by third-party plugins

Note! Orbitvu SELF HOSTED plugin for Shopware overwrites default frontend product gallery.

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