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E-commerce plugins are tested and work properly with basic configuration of WooCommerce. Due to possible modifications via external plugins, modules, applications and other modifications of a specific e-commerce site, where Orbitvu e-commerce plugin is installed, Orbitvu cannot guarantee proper operation of a plugin in every configuration. For that reason e-commerce plugins are supplied as is with a basic support which consists of bug reporting. Orbitvu will do its best to fix bugs, provided they can be replicated on Orbitvu test installations. Orbitvu provides extra paid support which includes adaptation of a plugin to your specific e-commerce site configuration. Contact [email protected] for more details regarding paid support. In case you purchased a self-hosted plugin which is not compatible with your specific configuration please contact us to receive a refund.

There are 2 ways of installing Orbitvu SUN plugin in your Woocommerce.

Manual upload using ftp manager

1. Download the .zip file from your ORBITVU SUN account

2. Unpack the .zip file


3. Copy unpacked content into Woocommerce's plugins folder: "woocommerce_path/wp-content/plugins"

4. Login to your Woocommerce's back office and go to the Plugins.  Search for the "Orbitvu SUN" plugin and activate it.

Upload via Woocommerce's back office

1. Download the .zip file from your ORBITVU SUN account

2. Log in to your Woocommerce’s back office and go to the Plugins. Click "Add new " which is placed in the top.

3. Click the button "Upload plugin". Choose newly downloaded .zip file and click "Install now".

4. After successful uploading, the module will appear on a list. Click install and then activate the plugin.

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