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Batch operations (one click linking and synchroniznig)

One click (automatic) linking

It is possible to link (assign) many Orbitvu presentations to many Shopify products within one click. The algorithm compares Orbitvu Presentation's SKU with Shopify's product SKU and if they match, the Orbitvu presentation is automatically linked (assigned) to the Shopify product.


Note! Orbitvu presentation's SKU can be given in Orbitvu Station during project creation.

Tip! Orbitvu presentation's SKU can be edited on your SUN account.

In order to execute "Auto linking" script please go to the "Products" tab in ORBITVU app. Above the products grid there are two buttons for batch operations.

Before executing "Auto linking" script, let's see which products have assigned Orbitvu presentations.

Let's execute "Auto linking" script.

Note! This script may consume a lot of time depending number of products in Shopify shop and number of Orbitvu presentations on your SUN account.

After a while, you should receive success info.

Let's check if any Orbitvu presentations have been linked to Shopify products.

As you can see, above screen shows that Gino Rossi, Kit Maxi 3d and Alphashot 360 presentations have been automatically linked to Shopify products by SKU match.

This feature saves a lot of time because we don't have to manually product by product assign Orbitvu presentations.

Auto synchronizing

Sometimes when you make changes on your SUN account for particular Orbitvu presentation (i.e: SKU change, adding/removing items to/from the Orbitvu presentation), it is necessary to update linked (assigned) Orbitvu presentation in a shop (keep Orbitvu presentation up to date with SUN).

To do this, we should execute "Auto synchronizing" script and all linked Orbitvu presentations will be updated.